This dish is very famous in Beijing ,China. It is very easy to cook but it is really delicious  with rice.


Mutton 500 g,

Spring Onions, 2 root,

1 tablespoon of chopped garlic (15g),

3 tablespoons (45ml),

Starch 3 tablespoons (45g),

1 tablespoon of granulated sugar (15g),

Pepperoni 1/2tsp (3g),

1 teaspoon salt (5g),

Rice wine 2 TBSP (30ml),

Oil 300ml (30ml),

Vinegar 1 TSP (5ml)


1. Remove the fascia from the lamb, rinse it with warm water for 30 minutes to remove the blood stain and the stain, and make the lamb’s color more vivid and tender, and then put it in the refrigerator until it is frozen to semi-hard.

Cut the lamb back into thin slices. Spring onion root, peel off skin, cut into 5cm long filaments.

3. Put the lamb slices into a bowl, mix with the pepper, raw and starch, and marinate for 10 minutes after mixing. The pepper can also be used in other spicy pepper, ginger powder, octagonal powder, cinnamon, etc., which can produce a strong aroma during cooking, which can help the odor taste.

4. Heat the oil in the medium heat, and put the preserved lamb slices into the heat when it is heated to 70% heat. The fire will spread quickly, and the surface of the lamb will become mature and then drain and drain.

5. Place the oil in the pan, and add the minced garlic and chopped onion. Then add the lamb slices to the white granulated sugar, wine, vinegar and salt. Stir fry for a moment.


1. Fresh mutton, with no sour taste. After pressing with the finger, the sag can be restored immediately. The meat is strong and shiny, and the red color is even, while the fat is white or yellowish. You can also buy the semi-finished products of machine chips in the supermarket.

2. Because mutton contains much blood, the odor is mainly produced in sheep fat. Autumn and winter section 45 ℃ warm water to water treatment, can use cold water in summer.

3, if stewed mutton pieces, can take more complex water method, the raw material into the cold water with onion, ginger, cooking wine added the pot, boil off after use medium heat to boil to five mature, pulled up after use cold water to clean.

4. Mutton is very hot, it is suitable for the blood supply, but it should not be eaten when cold, fever and cough. The patients who have taken Chinese medicine containing half summer and calamus should also fast. You should also pay attention not to eat pumpkin, watermelon, plum, dried bean, bean sauce, buckwheat, dried fish and pork.

5. Vinegar and cold food work best, and in warm mutton, a large amount of use will weaken the diet, and the amount of vinegar used is appropriate for a thousandth of meat.