Duck meat 1000 grams,

Ginger 15 grams,

5 dry peppers,

4-5 monocrystals,

15 milliliters of old,

Salt (casual),

Beer 600ml


1. The duck is chopped and chopped (casual). Ginger is broken. Boil water in a pan and cook for 3 minutes.

2. Drain the cold water and drain.

3. Heat oil POTS in the fall to seventy percent, and fry the duck pieces under constant in the pan Fried duck, a duck in the water, see the duck skin tight, duck block is relatively narrow, Fried duck pieces is transferred to the pressure cooker, POTS do not have to wash.

4. Lower ginger, dry chilli, and pour into a whole bottle of beer, then cover with a high pressure lid and turn to fire.

5. After the qi ring, turn to small fire 20 minutes, turn off the fire, and other pressure cooker naturally.

6. Open the high pressure pot cover and remove the cooked duck chunks back to the iron pot. Cover the pan with the cover of the fire. (please don’t take the juice.)

7. Finally, there is only a small amount of sticky soup.