Don’t be scared by the title. You must have question about lion’s head. What is it? HaHa. Acutally, it is meat ball in Chinese. But it is big meat ball, so called it Lion’s head.



Green vegetables,

Water chestnut,

Whole wheat toast,

Green onion, ginger

The eggs,

Cooking wine,


Soy sauce,

White sugar,

Sesame oil



1 onion ginger, chopped egg, together with minced meat;

2. Add alcohol and salt to the end of the meat to stir the nearest friend.

3. Water chestnut peeled and chopped, whole wheat toast chopped (whole wheat toast here), mixed with meat, stir well;

4 scoops a large scoop of the filling in the palm of the palm, slightly knead a ball of meat and then gently flap between the palms of the palms to remove the internal air. Make the lion head firm.

5. Add oil to heat after frying pan, put meatballs into medium heat and fry them in a golden brown filter to remove excess oil;

6. Add soy sauce, sugar, and proper amount of water, and cook until taste, then pour in sesame oil.

7.Clean the green vegetables, add a pot of boiling water or high stock, and fill it with oil and salt after boiling, and then round to the top of the lion’s head.

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