5 shrimp

Tender tofu half piece,


Dry crony 1,

1 small mushroom,


1. Prepare all ingredients and adjust the ingredients according to the ingredients at hand

2. I use the flavor added seasoning packaging, a brand

Take a dry skirt and serve it in a blister

Cut soft tofu into slices or chunks

5. Dried berinis for fresh use

6. Boil the pot in a proper amount of water, and put half a teaspoon of dried berinin fresh

After the pot is opened, put in the bubbling and wash the skirt

8. Shrimps go to the shrimps to remove the meat and place in the pan

9. Cook with tender tofu

10. Place a slotted spoon into the soup, add the flavor to the slotted spoon, and use chopsticks

11. Finally put the golden mushroom, because the golden mushroom is very well cooked, so it can be a little hot

12. The soup is served in a small wooden bowl


You can buy the miso in any Asian food store.